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The Broker Dealer Registration Process

Phase I - What you need to do first before we file with FINRA.

Phase II - The staff of B/D Solutions moves into action.

Phase III - The FINRA "Pre-Membership Interview" (PMI).

Phase IV - After FINRA approval.

The Bottom Line

Contact us about broker dealer registration.

Phase I - What you need to do first before we file with FINRA

  • Establish a corporate entity as the broker/dealer.

  • Determine who will be the officers and directors of the B/D.

  • Reserve a name for the B/D with FINRA.

  • Establish an accounting system and decide on an independent auditor.

  • Fund the B/D with assets allowable for net capital.

  • Enroll in a study class and prepare for the required FINRA examinations.

Phase II - The staff of B/D Solutions moves into action

  • We gather all the information necessary for filing with FINRA and other agencies.

  • We file initial papers with the SEC, FINRA and State regulatory agencies.

  • We submit the requests to take the required FINRA exams.

  • We request waivers for the 2 principal requirement (if applicable) and any other exemptions.

  • We work to schedule the FINRA "Pre-Membership Interview" (PMI) at the FINRA District Office.

But, you have responsibilities too:

  • You complete and pass all required FINRA examinations.

  • You create stationery and business cards for the B/D.

Phase III - The FINRA "Pre-Membership Interview" (PMI)

  • We prepare the Principals of your firm to attend the FINRA Pre-Membership Interview.

  • We attend the FINRA Pre-Membership Interview with you.

  • We work to provide FINRA any additional materials they request as a result of the PMI.

  • We continue to communicate with your Home State regulators to obtain concurrent approval.

Phase IV - After FINRA Approval

  • We submit applications to all remaining states requested by your firm.

  • We will submit to you a complete and detailed reconciliation of all costs and fees.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the roadblocks created by FINRA, the States and other regulatory agencies, the staff of B/D Solutions will do everything we can to get your broker/dealer approved to conduct securities business as quickly as possible. Contact us about broker dealer registration today!

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