Broker Dealer Solutions

The Merger & Acquisition Process

Mergers and AcquisitionsB/D Solutions has assisted buyers and sellers in the placement and purchase of broker/dealers and their constituent parts.

B/D Solutions starts by helping a firm identify its corporate strategy. Next, we investigate whether growth by merger or acquisition would offer benefits to the firm's operational or financial situation.

Through our extensive knowledge of the industry and its participants, we can place two firms that strategically complement one another in negotiations aimed toward realizing the synergies created by joining forces.

After the planning stages, B/D Solutions is skilled in executing the transaction and joining the various parts to best take advantage of their strengths.

  • Evaluate the most beneficial growth strategy for the client.
  • Determine the best target company for merger or acquisition.
  • Perform due diligence and offer to assist in the preparation of fairness opinions.
  • Assist in structuring the resulting company to maximize operational efficiency.
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