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Bigger is Not Always Better

Some of our competitors think bigger is better and sell Written Supervisory Procedures by the pound. Our approach is different. We believe in developing a set of procedures that is comprehensive, yet well-organized and easy to follow.

Experience has taught us that cumbersome procedures containing nonessential detail often cause problems rather than prevent them. FINRA will hold your firm to its current set of written rules, regardless of how insignificant a deviation may exist. We will help you develop procedures that will ensure full compliance and satisfactory supervision, yet allow your firm the flexibility necessary to meet the realistic demands of business.

We offer a solution for every need. We can:

  • Create a set of procedures from start to finish. Our comprehensive procedures detail the who, what, how, when and where of supervising activities. We cover the entire range of supervision, from designation of responsibilities to supervision of customer accounts.
  • Review and update of current procedures. Our professionals will make sure that your procedures fulfill FINRA's requirement of establishing and maintaining a system to supervise the activities of registered representatives and associated persons. We will review your firm's existing set of procedures and suggest updates and enhancements that will bring it into compliance.
  • Monitor and maintain your firm's procedures. Clients enrolled in our Written Supervisory Procedures Maintenance Plan receive routine evaluations of manuals, with up-to-the-minute procedures added as FINRA and the SEC establish new rules and regulations.

Let us review, monitor and maintain your Written Supervisory Procedures so you can focus on growing your business.

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